The OZ Gloss Graphite frame with RX-able insert options

OZ Gloss Graphite frame with RX-able insert options.

This lightweight flexible frame comes with dual moulded non slip temples, frame has a 6 base curve.

The 6 base curve inserts simplify the fitting of RX Prescription lenses (allowing for a wide range of prescriptions) and can be fitted by most optometrists.

Standard frame comes with clear lenses and can be worn as is or have them made into a prescription sunglass either by your local Optometrist or our local lab.

Our lab generally takes around 14 working days to complete a prescription. We require a complete prescription including the PD (pupil distance measurement) If you require a multifocal prescription this will need to be measured by an Optometrist, please contact them before purchasing to confirm this will work with your script and they can provide you this service.

The photochromic lens options will change from Clear Cat0 pre-dawn or low light to Dark grey Cat3 as the sun intensifies and the UV increases.These are ideal for someone who normally wears glasses to read things like: digital screens such as bike computers, GPS's, dashboards and boating or biking instrumentation. Maps, heart rate monitors, watches and mobile phones.

Adjustable non slip nose piece for comfort and fit making them ideal for a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

The frame is slightly smaller than the PHO.

All pairs supplied with a case and micro fibre cleaning cloth.

Please email us at with any questions you may have

11.5cm arm length

14cm wide, front of frame with a 8 base curve

4cm high at lenses

Lens length 7cm x 4cm high

RX Prescription lens

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