The LJM Black, White or Pink frames with assorted lenses


The LJM is a smaller frame for teens and adults with smaller faces.

Frame available in a gloss black with grey trim, white gloss with pink trim or hot pink with grey trim.

All three frames available in a selection of lenses:

-Blue mirror $70

-Orange mirror $70

-Green mirror $70

-Photochromic -Changes from clear (cat0) to dark grey (cat3) $115

-HD Photochromic -Changes from clear (cat0) to dark grey (cat3) $115

-HD photochromic with bifocal in either a +1.50, +2.00 or +2.50. $165

Changes from light amber (cat1) to grey (cat3)

-POLARIZED photochromic in either a +1.50, +2.00 or +2.50. $200

Changes from light grey (cat1) to grey (cat3)


Comes with a case and microfibre cleaning cloth.

8mm narrower than the PHO.

12cm arm length

13.5cm wide, front of frame with a 8 base curve

4cm high at lenses

Lens length 6.5cm x 4cm high

Frame Colour
Gloss Black with grey trim
Gloss White with pink trim
Gloss Pink with grey trim
Lens Options

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